To show the impacts of oil palm plantations, campaign leader Rolf Schipper is visiting Indonesia in 2017. This resulted in a series of vlogs, several of which were edited and delivered immediately on location in the field. Besides the vlogs we also produced other types of short video’s for use on social media: so-called Mood Video’s and Call to Action Video’s.

All content used in the campaign Draw the Line of Friends of the Earth Netherlands.
September- October 2017, on assignment by Friends of the Earth / Milieudefensie

Vlog 1 – Palm oil in Indonesia
Rolf is in Sumatra. He shows you that rainforest has to make way for palm oil plantations. The village where he is, is threatened in its existence. And why? Because palm oil is a sought-after ingredient, all over the world. Where do you draw the line?

Vlog 3 – Forest Fires
Rolf goes to a village in Indonesia to talk to people who have been living under the smoke of forest fires for 17 years. To start a palm oil plantation, fires are often set illegally.

Mood – Biofuels
Does your car ride on rainforest? It just might. Because in Europe more and more palm oil is being mixed with diesel. And for this purpose, tropical rainforest is being felled at a rapid pace all over the world. People and animals have to make way for mega plantations.

Call to Action – Azmar
Azmar lives in the village of Punkhat in Sumatra, Indonesia. His village is threatened by the construction of palm oil plantations. He is calling for people to help him protect his village.

Livestream 1 – Jakarta
Campaign manager Rolf live from Jakarta, Indonesia. He talks about what he has seen, heard and experienced over the past few days. How does it feel when you’re in the middle of it? He also answers viewer questions.

Action 1 – Rabobank
For years, Rabobank has been putting money into chopping down the rainforest for palm oil. Milieudefensie wanted to show them the consequences of these investments and went to the head office of the bank with chainsaws

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