Documentary following an Amsterdam street orchestra during their tour in Palestine, summer 2011. On the occupied West Bank, the Dutch brass players and percussionists perform with and for Palestinians. The latter show us what their life under occupation is like, and how they view the future of Palestine.
Perhaps unavoidably, the musicians’ perceptions of the situation change during the trip, which ends in a chaotic Friday afternoon.
With: Fanfare van de Eerste Liefdesnacht; youth from the Palestinian Circus School; Mahmoud, a Palestinian fighter turned peace worker; Fadwa, manager of the kindergarten in Askar refugee camp; and Saqer, deputy mayor in the cut-off village of Kufr Qadum near Nablus.

(c) 2012, duration: 52 minutes
Screened at HONK! Festival Austin, HONK! Fest West Seattle, the Melkweg (Amsterdam) and Filmtheater Hilversum.

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