From the annual New Year’s dive at Scheveningen beach to prime ministerial press conferences or a training session of the national soccer team. We make news reports for press agencies such as Reuters TV, Associated Press and ANP Video.

We also film longer reports for international TV channels. On a Japanese sunflower grower in the Netherlands for Japanese public broadcaster NHK, for example. Or for Chinese television, on the success of the Dutch bulb industry. Footage that we shoot for campaigning and community organisations is also regularly used in Dutch and international current affairs programmes. For instance on the restoration of historical windmills, the return of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise to the Netherlands and protests against the TTIP free trade agreement. Further afield, our reports on cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, shale gas extraction in Ukraine, the sugar cane harvest in Brazil and tin mining in Indonesia have also been broadcasted.


Press conference, Louis van Gaal